Go for Beginners — Part 2

If you’re genuinely interested in this you can view all of my progress on my GitHub repo HERE

An Introduction to Go

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go build nameOfFile.go

Running Our Code

go run nameOfFile.go


Importing Packages

Libraries are referred to as Packages within GoLang

When importing Packages make sure to enclose them in double quotes "or else you'll get an error

// main.go
package main
import "fmt"


func nameOfFunction() {
// Write Code Here

Hello World

// main.gopackage mainimport "fmt"func main() {
fmt.Println("Hello World!")

Go uses Dot Syntax to refer to Methods / Functions

$ go run main.go
Hello World!

Importing Multiple Packages

import (
import (
package1Allias "package1"
package2Allias "package2"


// Hello!
package main
// import "fmt" (This line won't be read)




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